Sometimes I wonder how I got in this position in my life. I thought I had it all: A beautiful family, great friends, and a great career. I had my future planned out. Well, it was all good just a year ago…

As my life slowly begins to unravel, I am desperately trying to hold on to the last bit of normalcy for the sake of the kids. I know I can only shelter them for so long before the inevitable split. The sad thing is, they see how our household is and is thinking that this is normal; sleeping in different beds, not showing any affection, no love between us. And that is not the kind of home I want my kids to grow up in.

I want my kids feel the love at home…

I want my kids to know that there is love in the house. I want them to be able to express their feelings, good or bad, to everyone in the house. For my girls, I want them to know that they should be treated with the utmost respect and love from their partner. For my son, I want him to know that he must treat all women with the utmost respect and love. With that being said, I have to model these behaviors so that they know what to look for, and how to treat their future partners.

Just my Thoughts, Ladies and Gentlemen. Just my Thoughts… 

Redefining the #Dadbod

The making of my #dadbod

Before having children, I thought I was in pretty good shape. This was in my 20’s when my metabolism allowed me to eat whatever and whenever I wanted, and not worry about gaining an ounce of weight. Also, I stayed active through basketball and weight lifting here and there. Sleep, another part of this healthy lifestyle equation was not as mandatory as it was today. I remember hanging out into the night and getting 4-5 hours of sleep. After, I would be totally fine the next day to function in class and at work (working at the mall, not at the hospital!).

As my 20’s came to an end, I was also finishing up Graduate School. With all the demands of studying and putting in the clinical hours in the operating room, I was worrying less and less about my health and well-being. I was so intently focused on my studies that I was not taking my health so seriously. I ate whenever and whatever would satisfy my cravings. And we all know that our metabolism slows down as we reach closer to 30. I had little time for exercise and I became borderline hypertensive.

Exercise? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I will refuse the #dadbod! I will refuse the #dadbod! I will refuse the #dadbod….

….I will redefine the #dadbod…

2010: Grad School Graduation 2016: 3 kids later….

As you can see in the picture above, I gained some weight during my two years in Grad School!

Fast forward six years and 3 kids later, I actually have less time than I had during school! I had to take MY life into my own hands and stopped making excuses for myself.

So, what did I do?

I started running (<-insert Forrest Gump voice). I finished multiple half marathons and a full marathon in 2013; I started to make healthier decisions with what I ate and made sure that I definitely made time for me and the kids.

Physically, I dropped the excess fat and gained a little (juuust a liiittle) muscle. I feel so much healthier at 36 than I did at 26. I hope to continue this trend and set a good example for my kids to live a healthy and full life.

My work IDs, 6 years apart

In 10 years, I want to be able to say, “I am healthier in my 40’s than I was in my 30’s.”

I hope my story can inspire you to take action into your life to make positive decisions and move your life in the right direction! We shall take the #dadbod moniker and turn it into a positive badge of honor!

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Enjoying March Madness

Sitting down on a Friday night enjoying the Sweet 16 with my little Pikachu! Growing up I loved watching basketball with my Dad. I’m hoping that I can share that same experience with my Little Boy. Even my six-year old Daughter is beginning to watch some Laker games with me, which is pretty cool!

Wouldn’t trade these nights for anything. 

Rough Patches

I think it’s hard to deal with what I’m going through by myself. I do notice that I keep my thoughts and feelings to myself. It does look her inside and when I’m by myself, they make my mind race. I hope to use this platform to get these thoughts out of my head and onto these pages.

I know that I am not the only person going through a separation and I am hoping that I can somehow get through this emotionally rough patch in my life at this very moment. And hopefully I can help others with my experience. 

When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”

-Santiago, The Alchemist

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Hello Everyone!

So this is my first post on this new blog. Hmmm, I don’t know what to say on here. It’s always a little awkward to get things started. Do I start with an intro? Do I start with what to expect from me and this blog? It’s a hard thing to start because I want to start on a good foot for you.

But here’s the deal; as I grow as a dad, so will this blog.


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